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Welcome to the MyUselessJeans.com site.  This is a free site to buy and sell jeans of all types at NO Charge!!  List your jeans that are so popular others will want them, but for some reason you no longer wear them.  After you have sold your jeans, replace them with jeans others are selling.

To donate, we ask you to “clean out your closets” and send your extra jeans.  Use the MyUselessJeans site to assist you in getting a receipt as well as a shipping label.  Your used jeans will be sent to the American Red Cross or other disaster relief!

The address provided is a MyUselessJeans warehouse where the jeans will be sorted, packed, and shipped to the disaster relief staging area.  Your jeans will go to areas like Haiti.  It will be up to the American Red Cross to determine where they are needed the most.

We know that for some it may be difficult to pay for the shipping. Visit shipping and drop-off information for suggestions.

Thanks from the UselessJeans Team!!